Horse Medicine Oracle
for Business & Life
All of the medicine and wisdom of the herd of Epona Rise, including those that are part of our spirit herd
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Horse medicine has been my greatest teacher and guide both in my personal life and in my business.
This oracle book gives you the opportunity to connect to the medicine and wisdom of each of the horses in my herd and the teachings they provide for you.

Horses are and can be a medium of learning and teachings that gives us a connection to our own intuition in a tangible and grounded way so we can begin to nurture and understand how our own intelligence informs us.

Where can horse medicine teach and guide you in both your internal wanderings for your personal reflection and in the external guidance of what is unfolding for you in your business?
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All messages have been channeled and deepened by yours truly to give you an ability to connect to horse wisdom on your own whenever you feel called to connect to what this medicine has to offer you.
Who Am I?
I am a dreamer by nature. I believe that we are meant to be felt deeply in this world, and that life is suppose to be lived fully, completely richly.

I am a coach, a retreat founder, an equine guided facilitator and trainer. I am a leader, a CEO of my own 6-figure (and growing) business. And I am a woman who knows the power of intuition, of accessing our magic and finding a way to move deeply from the core of our purpose.

My desire is simple. I work to empower, to lead, and to remind other purpose-driven entrepreneurs of their resourcefulness, their capacity to step into their dreams and natural brilliance, to lead their spaces and to find their success while doing it.

I created this series as a way to inspire, to give example to and to share wisdom with those who are struggling with the normal ways of doing things, and looking for another path or permission to follow the nudges of their own inner compass on how they were meant to show up, to create success and hold space with purpose.
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